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Painless Picasso Co.

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At Painless Picasso™ we're Perfecting the Art of Pain Relief™. We provide an all natural cream that alleviates the pain associated with procedures such as tattooing, piercing, waxing, or laser treatments. Our Plant Based cream is made in the USA at an FDA regulated facility in code with GMP standards.

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Your Comforting Companion

Begin your piercing journey confidently and effortlessly with our specialized cream. Our cream guarantees a gentle and soothing experience from start to finish. Bid farewell to sharp stings and welcome comfort as our cream works wonders, enabling you to embrace your new piercing with a smile.

Discover the joy of pain-free laser treatments

Experience the next level of comfort during laser treatments with our innovative cream. Say goodbye to the burning sensation and hello to relaxation as our cream works its magic, allowing you to focus on the rejuvenating benefits of your treatment.